Dental implants in elderlies (the third age)

The magnificent writer Manuel Hidalgo tells us: “I remember my lovely grandmother with her silver bun, her purple t-shirts and her black skirts like the bags, from home to the mass, going through the market and the chemistry. My grandmother was only 60 at that time, she wasn´t widow, just the opposite. But, due to the outlook of that time, she lived encapsulated in oppressive rituals, prematurely inside and outside aged, despite the shine in her eyes and her clear eyes”

Testimonio de María, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

María, implantes dentales con 96 años.

Testimonio de Ernesto, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

Ernesto, implantes dentales con 77 años.

We don’t live any more prolonged mature as a prelude to the other world. It is not only that we live longer, but we live more intensively.

As he tells us, this situation changed years ago and every day I see in my consultation people, not over 60 but 80, willing to live and fully enjoy their life. They are not patients any more but interesting friends that combine their vital experience with mental lucidity. It is a pleasure to talk to them for a while.

This is one of the most impresionan conquest of the 21st centure. Life is limited but it is not strictly limited by age.

Bear in mind that the number of people over 65 is expected to go from the 523 millions in the present, to 1.500 millions in the year 2050 according to United Nations. This means that for first time in history the population over 65 will be more than that of children under 5.

There exists a logic interest in developing technologies to ease the welfare, autonomy and social connectivity for this wide social group that we all expect to reach.

It seems our teeth weren´t design to last so long, at least for a percentage of the human beings.

Enjoying good food is one of the pleasures that we keep until the end of our lives. But this is not the only reason for a new denture. Smiling in a natural way, kissing, feeling a denture like the one you had when you were young or even better if possible.

Testimonio de Mercedes, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

Mercedes, implantes dentales con 80 años.

Testimonio de María, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

María, 12 implantes dentales con 80 años.

Not only aging but also the different ups and downs that we meet during life, cancer, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, heart diseases, diabetes, they are a great barrier too count on all the things a new denture can provide us. It is possible in any case.

Nowadays it is possible without involving a great effort, without exposing to unnecessary risks. It doesn´t matter what is the starting point, independently of how complex it is.

Many patients wonder what is the age limit to have dental implants put and enjoy again of a beautiful, fixed and steady denture. There is no age limit. You can check in our web page that people who are almost 100 years old get, almost without discomfort, this significant change in their life.

Older age usually means bigger loss of bone. It is necessary to replace it with a bone graft. Many people get discouraged at this point because the techniques they are offered are complex and they entail major surgery under local anesthesia. Too much risk and suffering, although they wish to have new denture.

Using all the technological advances and having great experience we have made it possible to put these dental implants with non-aggressive bone graft in delicate and simple surgeries.

All these leads to postoperative periods with almost no discomfort.

Testimonio de Celia, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

Celia, implantes con 80 años

Testimonio de Matilde, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

Matilde, implantes con 83 años

Testimonio de César, implantes dentales en edad avanzada

César, 14 implantes



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