Dental implants and tobacco

I have no problems admitting that I’m an ex-smoker. Normally this situation provokes a radical attitude towards tobacco. That is not my case.

Being a smoker means a strong damage for your health, but it doesn´t rule out neither make the placement of dental implants dangerous.

Although it is not too high, there is a possibility of failure especially when bone grafts are needed. This is due to alterations in microcirculation. In our clinic there is an increase of 2, 5% regarding non-smoking population in the first stage, in the medium and long term. It is true that we usually agree to reduce the normal dose. Authors who publish a increase of 25% in failure should think about other factor that could explain those high numbers.

Bain CA (Int J Maxillofac Implants- 1994) has published a work about dental implants in smokers. The rate of failure for those who stopped smoking from 1 week before to 8 weeks after the intervention, didn´t show differences with the non-smokers during that period of time. We have corroborated those results in our clinic. And at least, a decrease in the quantity of cigarettes you smoke will make the results better.

Despite what many patients think, the inconveniences of tobacco do not come from its effects in the spit. They come from toxic substances that quickly get into the blood and it is there where they exert their negative effect.

We usually reach a special agreement with those patients we have implanted, and being a smoker doesn´t make a difference.

In those patients, the implant must be placed under strict conditions and by professionals with long experience, making a special effort.



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