Dental implants after suffering oral cancer

Suffering an oral cancer usually entails the losing of dental pieces. There may be several reasons for this.

Firstly because the affected area has dental pieces and it is necessary to remove them.

In other occasions the dental pieces are a risk for the reconstruction flap and they are removed prophylactically.

As it happens in some occasions in treatments with radiotherapy, it is necessary to remove them through two ways. The first one before applying it, as all the dental pieces with pathology are normally removed. Once it has been applied, the impoverishment of the oral tissue and the dryness of the mouth that it causes, which sometimes is permanent, damages dental pieces that were previously healthy.

From a dental point of view this is a bleak prospect.

Restoration ad integrum is only completed by placing fixed dental prosthesis, based on dental implants.

We face a dry mouth and impoverished bone tissue, almost in a extreme situation. This is a critical situation that requires the placing of dental implants to be done with special precision and strict surgical conditions.  To achieving to place it without complications entails long experience, longer than other situations.

In our clinic we have dealt with many patients in such circumstances. By using modern techniques it is possible to place dental implants using simpler methods and non-aggressive grafts; and long-lasting expectations.  



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